Twinkle, little star In the quietness of dark space Go on, burning bright.

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A (weird) Girl’s Head

A strong moral compass, shaped by parents, religion, experiences Space, time, stars, a telescope  Expensive, beautiful, fast sports cars Snippets of memorable movies and TV shows  An old, smudged Social Guide written in hieroglyphics, with many pages missing  Difficult to translate, it is. Lists of puns and jokes A fascination with computers and coding and […]

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Heavy Grey clouds Sudden roar of passing motorcycle  Deafening silence  Waiting enduringly  Warm breath steams up cold glass Colourful sleeve wipes window Eyes scan the horizon All orange and hazy Little fingers fidget with jersey  Sol bursts abruptly from  The clutches of the moody clouds Glowing face radiant in the heated rays Brown eyes alight  […]

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